HEY GUYS I MADE A MOD – “Dear Sandwich” (A Dear Esther Mod)


Washed up on an island. Alone. Cold. And absolutely starving. In your delirium, you begin talking to the sandwich that you were about to eat before you arrived here. This is Dear Sandwich.

Made on and off over the past seven months, Dear Sandwich chronicles one man’s confused journey across an unknown island as he embarks on a bloody-minded journey to find the one thing he had left in his life – a chicken and bacon sandwich.


  • About 30 minutes worth of new dialogue, filled with terrible puns, pointless anecdotes, and observations about the world
  • …that’s about it.

Just as a heads-up, what you’re downloading is a collection of sound files, so there is potential for things to go wrong. To that end, please, please read the README included for full instructions on how to change Dear Esther into Dear Sandwich.

(also it’s a .rar file, but who doesn’t have WINRAR, right?)

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5ikiks9mdb7wa5y

Download the original Dear Esther and support indie games! http://dear-esther.com/