Middle Distance Games presents – Life’s A Game: The Game (very early alpha)

A very early alpha version of Life’s A Game: The Game, based on an original design by Richie Harkness for the Life’s A Game podcast “Pitch Time” competition.

Play as Ed (the black square) as he is forced to find his collection of Nickelback CD’s and throw them into a furnace. Each CD will progressively slow you down as you are brought down by the weight of their horrendous pop-rock bollocks, until you are reduced to a crawl. Can you find all the CD’s and set fire to them before you want to commit suicide?

Please note that this is a very very early version of the game, and has basic graphics, no sounds, and has not been thoroughly playtested (so may in fact be impossible to complete).

UPDATED: Now slightly less impossible and physically playable!

CONTROLS: A and D to move left and right, W to jump.

Download from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5tbltt1pfh9oe89

The podcast that inspired it all: http://www.jokesound.com/?p=1194