HEY GUYS I MADE A MOD – “Dire Date” (A Dinner Date Mod)

I think it was Valentine’s Day that I bought Dinner Date in the Steam Sale. I’d had my eye on it since it launched on the service, and I was curious as to how playing the subconcious of a dude waiting for his date could be interesting in any way. Here’s the skinny: it’s not very. I mean yeah, I fucking love art games, and things that push the boundaries of what is a video games, but Dinner Date seriously takes the biscuit. It’s a being-stood-up-simulator. And there’s nothing less fun than being stood up. (To clarify, however, I do love this game.)

So, I present to you “Dire Date”. No longer do you simply play as the subconcious of Julian Luxembourg – now you play as the arsehole voice in the back of his head. As the night progresses, the voice becomes more and more angered by Julian, and slowly takes over all his thoughts as he becomes more intoxicated. It’s no longer a simple portrait of a man, it’s a portrait of the stupid shit the man has to ignore from his own mind.

If you own Dinner Date and you too think it’s a little bit dry, try this on for size.

Download “Dire Date” riiiight here.

(WARNING! Please do read the README included, it gives specific instructions on how to get it all set up.)

If you don’t own Dinner Date, go pick it up and support the development of art games! (Also it’s really cheap now.) Buy it here!