Game Sketch – GTA IV Real Life

(Two gangsters are stood behind a table. Both are dressed in black. Obviously nice suits would be out of the question, but attempt to make it look that way. A third gangster walks in, carrying a briefcase. He walks to the other side of the table, and lays his briefcase on top.)

GANGSTER ONE (Tony): You got the money?

GANGSTER THREE (Joe): Right here. You got the product?

(Tony motions to the silent gangster, who produces a briefcase and places it on the table.)

TONY: Show me the money kid.

(As Joe is moving the briefcase, his phone begins to ring. He looks down at his pocket in despair, then looks at Tony. Tony motions at him to take the call, so he does.)

JOE: Hello?

ROMAN: (through phone) Niko!

(The camera moves behind Tony and the silent one as Joe has his one way conversation.)

JOE: Listen, I have no idea who you are… no I don’t want to go bowling! I’m busy… I’m hanging up. Goodbye.

(He hangs up.)

JOE: (to Tony): Wrong number.

(Joe pushes his briefcase over to Tony, and the silent one opens it. They look in it for a moment, then close it, satisfied.)

JOE: You gonna let me see the product?

(The silent one pushes the briefcase over. Joe unlocks it, and just as he is about to open it, his phone rings again. He answers it rapidly.)

JOE: What?… listen pal, I don’t care how big these American titties are, just fuck off!

(Joe hangs up angrily, then opens up the briefcase. There’s nothing inside.)

JOE: What the fuck is this? Where’s my fucking product?

(Tony and the silent one produce guns.)

TONY: You should know better than to fuck with Big Tony!

(As he finishes the sentence, his phone rings. Joe and Tony exchange glances.)

JOE: You gonna get that?

(Tony answers the phone, eyes not leaving Joe.)

TONY: Hello? Who the fuck is this? Bowling?

(Joe pulls out his own gun and shoots both gangsters. He grabs the briefcases and runs. The camera slowly moves in on the body of Tony, holding the phone.)

ROMAN (from phone): Beeg American titties!